Refund Policy

Libra Markets (the “Company”) applies certain rules and guidelines relating to the movement of your money between us and you and which will be applicable to the withdrawal of money by you to your account with the Company.


1. Withdrawals are processed subject to providing the Company with written request of withdrawal.

2. The Company will only send funds to credit card of User which was previously verified through which the User has made at least one successfully completed deposit. The Company will not send funds to expired cards.

3. The Company will not send funds back to an unverified source, including card or bank account.

4. The Company retains the right to allocate a withdrawal between several of your verified cards as it deems necessary until all withdrawal has been completed.

5. The minimum amount of withdrawal via a wire transfer is 500 EUR/GBP.

6. Company will make efforts to process withdrawal requests within 5-10 business days. However, depending on the withdrawal method, settlement of the funds will then be carried out by the Company’s bank or card processor and the time it takes may vary significantly from one use to another.